The Basics of Karmic Readings - Karmic Triggers
The list below contains the most important points to consider in a karmic or transcendental reading

  1. Hemisphere emphasis: the map of behavior
  2. The Moon Phase at birth: the soul’s position within the Incarnation Cycle
  3. The Ascendant: the Mask
  4. The Moon: the spiritual essence
  5. The speed of the Moon: the speed of decoding abilities and talents of karmic origin
  6. The Sun: the chosen direction of ego development
  7. Saturn (Lord of Karma): fears and anxieties
  8. Chiron: karmic wounds
  9. Centaurs in tight conjunction with the personal planets, the chart ruler, the Nodes or the angles
  10. The first five asteroid (Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno, Vesta) and the Liliths
  11. Smaller asteroids in tight conjunction with relevant points in the chart
  12. The Nodal axis (South Node: karmic knowledge; North Node: chosen karmic task)
  13. Vertex: the trigger of fatal events
  14. Unaspected planets: energy patterns that are hard to access
  15. The lack of aspects between personal planets: defects of self knowledge
  16. Karmic triggers of the retrograde planets; retrograde personal planets
  17. Personal planets in extreme declination: link between 3-D reality and the Universe
  18. The role of karmic aspects (30°, 150°) in accepting destiny
  19. Delineation of minor aspects (the quintile series; septile, novile, quindecile)
  20. Delineation of dissociate and bidirectional aspects
  21. Karmic configurations (Yod, Boomerang, Grand Cross, etc.)
  22. The delineation of “lacks” (empty houses, missing elements, modalities, aspects, etc.)
  23. The void of course Moon
  24. Intercepted signs and wide aspects - suspended karma
  25. Delineation of Prenatal eclipses
  26. Fixed stars in tight (less than 1°) orb: potential incarnations in non-corporeal dimensions
  27. The karmic delineation of the astrological houses
  28. The IC: the hidden karmic roots and the qualities of the end of life period
  29. The 8th house: karmic debts
  30. The 12th house: the karmic bank safe - potential talents of the karmic past that are hidden because they are too painful or difficult
  31. Understanding typical karmic topics (places, eras, event triggers)
  32. Converse direction in synastry










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