Two full day seminars: October 6, and November 17, 2012
Venue: 7 Knox Street, London, W1


Have you ever wondered what draws people together; what makes them become “serial soulmates” (to use Judy Hall’s expression); and what makes them stay in a relationship, despite its obvious difficulties or heartache? According to the transcendental karmic approach, there are three types of romantic relationships: soulsibling, soulmate, and twinflame. All three have distinct astrological signatures and flavors. If you are a practicing astrologer, this knowledge is invaluable since 90% of the clients are interested almost exclusively in relationship issues. If you are a student of astrology, come and join us because you won’t be able to learn these facets of synastry elsewhere.
Part I (10 am - 5:30 pm, October 6, 2012): Principles of Karmic Synastry

  • The karmic process of soul evolution and the reason why we need relationships
  • The basic concepts and types of relationship karma
  • Levels and types of relationships (soulsibling, soulmate, twinflame)
  • Relationship needs contributions of the astrological signs
  • A short introduction of aspects in synastry
  • The function and relevance of the astrological houses in synastry
  • Basic elements of a synastry reading (numerology comparison, house placements, aspect analysis - “interaspects” -, aspect configurations, Moon phases, composite and relationship charts, midpoint structures, transits and progressions)

Part II (10 am - 5:30 pm, November 17, 2012): Synastry Chart Reading Practice - looking at the three major types of relationships in detail

  • The astrological signatures of Soulsibling relationships
  • The astrological signatures of Soulmate relationships
  • The astrological signatures of Twinflame relationships
  • In depth analyses, using all the tools of transcendental karmic synastry

Cost: £65 each, £120 if paid in full

Premises: 7 Knox Street, London, W1.

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Email: zsu@best4web.com

Coffee, tea, and biscuits will be provided during the breaks. There are a number of places in the area for lunch, but you may bring your own lunch as well.

Zsuzsanna Griga has been teaching karmic and transcendental astrology for 15 years. Zsuzsanna

  • She has worked in Budapest, London, and Miami.
  • Her extensive practice involves seeing clients from Europe and the US.
  • She is Director of Studies at Clear Brook College in Budapest (Tiszta Forras Intezet, www.tisztaforras.com), the only accredited school offering Parapsychology, Alternative Medicine, and Karmic Astrology in Central Europe.
  • She has published four books in Hungarian, and two CD books with full length DVDs in English (Transcendental Astrology, Karmic Astrological Aspect Pictures).








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