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Aries New Moon: The Release of Fire

April 10, 2013.

The Aries New Moon this year has a very decisive energy pattern. The chart cast for London has Cancer rising, aligned with Sirius, the brightest star in heavens. Sirius is linked to ambition, pride, charisma, fame and denotes the fire of immortality. The large Aries stellium involving the Sun, the Moon, Eris, Mars, and Venus tell us that war is brewing in the world. The fact that Eris, the goddess of discord, is linked up with Mars, the god of war, is especially disturbing. Eris is the force that creates discord so that Mars can easily start warfare. The conjunction of the two are a sure sign that even minor tensions may escalate into full blown international conflicts. There are, lucklily, some redeeming factors when we look at the minor asteroids in the stellium: Thetis (deep emotional understanding), Abundantia (abundance), Aesculapia (healing), Chariklo (complete transmutation), Freia (feminine power). All that is backed up by the centaur Pelion (sacred space), which signifies the need for peace. However, yet another asteroid is also there, Niobe, which denotes the potential of inconsolable grief, and we know too well here in Europe that war is invariably linked to it.

In the London chart, Chiron is on the Pisces MC, while Pluto is on the Capricorn DESC. The personification of karmic wounds on the point of future symbolizes the fact that the world needs to heal in order to proceed to the future. Saturn is quincunxing the MC, providing support and responsibility. Pluto on the DESC, however, warns us that we need to transform both meaningful relationships and the way we treat open enemies. Pluto also trines the IC, so the transformation will be beneficial for family matters as well.

The Aries New Moon this year is a double edged sword. It may transpire in very different ways, bringing either serious conflicts or profound healing and transformation. Its impact is similar to the release of fire, the very element of destruction and transmutation.