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Scorpio Full Moon with Partial Lunar Eclipse

April 25, 2013.

Lunar Eclipses in fixed signs usually denote very stressful periods. This one echoes the dilemma of the nodal axis, the Taurus-Scorpio dichotomy, which represents tangible, physical values versus spiritual ones. Saturn is rising in the London chart with the 12th house Scorpio Moon, as if saying that you need to stabilize your emotions and put your worries behind your back. Easier said than done...

The North Node in the first house emphasizes a new choice in karmic tasks, one that is completely yours (conjunct the ASC), and which you select with your gut (Scorpio) rather than your physical needs (Taurus) or issues linked to your partner (DESC). In the recent past, the biggest worries have been linked to money, or rather the lack of it. Ordinary people and whole nations are heavily in debt, a large percentage of the European population has no jobs, no security, and no future to look forward to. The Eclipse chart strongly suggests turning towards the spiritual values, which, of course, is quite hard when you have pressing needs on the physical level.

At the same time, there is a triple conjunction on the South Node and the DESC: Asteroid Lilith, Pallas Athena, and Venus. The three Goddesses represent three potential partnership choices. Venus, Goddess of love, is very strong in her own sign, reeking money, sexuality, and earthly values. Pallas Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, is not very good at forming partnerships because she wants to keep her integrity and independence. Lilith, the handmaiden of the Divine Feminine, represents a different sort of integrity, the inability to comply and give in. Joining their forces creates a very unusual energy pattern, and conjunct the DESC they signify that we need to maintain all three behaviour patterns when wanting to form meaningful relationships. Squaring them, the Nodes, and the ASC/DESC axis are Juno and Dark Moon Lilith in Aquarius. This is an interesting conjunction because the two are mutually exclusive archetypes. Juno, the First Lady, is the official wife, while the Dark Moon is the cursed, banished Goddess, who leaves Paradise, choosing disgrace and solitude instead of staying in an unequal relationship. The multiple fixed T Square indicates that it denotes very old, deeply embedded karma, which is about potential feminine roles clashing with each other. Pluto’s redeeming earth trine shows us the solution: we need to completely transform our relationships and partnerships in order to break free.

The Sun-Mars conjunction is trining the London Midheaven, providing energy and insight to future goals. Transpluto, still in Leo but conjunct the MC, gives us the necessary tool: reach out to higher dimensions, see beyond the obvious, and trust the Powers of the Universe.