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Taurus New Moon with Annular Solar Eclipse

May 10, 2013.

This year’s Taurus New Moon (and Annular Solar Eclipse) contains some amazing energy patterns. The London chart has Capricorn ASC, with Astraea, the Karma Breaker rising in the first, suggesting that you will be able to break any old embedded karma. Chart ruler Saturn in Scorpio forms a water grand trine with Vesta in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. Saturn-Neptune connections are often called “architect” aspects because they help us bring down to the Earth plane everything we dream of. In transcendental karmic astrology, Saturn-Vesta signifies some sort of vow, often difficult and debilitating, but here and now, in this particular space-time moment, we can make a wish for ourselves to accept our unique destiny. The third side of the water triangle is formed by Neptune and Vesta, which denotes focusing on dreams as well as heightened states of consciousness.

Uranus in Aries (active changes) and Pluto in Capricorn (fundamental transformation) form an applying square, which will be in and out of orb until March 2015. However, Ceres in Cancer (genuine nurturing) turns this generational aspect into a T square and makes it very personal as well. Cancer-Capricorn dichotomy symbolizes the clash between family needs and career choices, while the opposing forces of Pluto and Ceres denote the struggle between the Lord of the Underworld and Mother Earth. According to the myth, Pluto kidnaps Persephone, the daughter of Ceres, and turns her into the Queen of the Underworld. Ceres is forced to accept their marriage, but she never recovers from her bereavement. This configuration tells us that the world has reached a dilemma that is very hard to solve in a friendly, peaceful matter. The lords of the financial Underworld Capricorn Pluto) battle with Mother Earth and with her inhabitants. The solution is provided by Uranus: we need to change and renew; we need to find completely new ways and methods to survive.

At the moment of the New Moon, stationary South Node in Taurus is conjunct Mars and Mercury, signifying that old knowledge can be accessed with the help of either actions or thinking. The Taurus-Scorpio Nodal Axis is squared by Juno (the First Lady) in Aquarius. This fixed Karmic Cage indicates that the space-time moment carries serious relationship qualities as well. In the past two weeks (after the Taurus Full Moon) pressing relationship issues may have come to the surface, and now you may need to make a decision whether you are letting the present one go, or you renew it through love and acceptance, or you wait for a new one. Juno is conjunct the asteroid Minerva, which indicates the potential for thoughtful, intelligent decision making.

Exactly on the New Moon degree (conjunct the Sun and the Moon), we find three strong feminine asteroids: Lilith, Pallas Athena, and Asteria. Taurus New Moons are great to start and renew relationships, or energise and recharge issues involving money. The conjunction of the Sun and the Moon represent the Chemical Wedding, especially at times of an eclipse (when the two luminaries are on the same declination as well). So what are these three strong, independent Goddesses doing while the Sun and the Moon make love? After all, they carry diagonally opposed meanings. But this contradiction is precisely where we can find the essence of the solution; these asteroids tell us that the old pattern is no longer sufficient. We need the powers of the ancient, banished Creator Goddess (Lilith), the independent, self-sufficient modern feminine (Pallas Athena), as well as an instinctual proficiency in occult sciences, lucid dreams, oracles, and astrological synthesis (Asteria) in order to be able to embrace our renewed self and to form truly meaningful relationships based on trust and love.

There is one more important placement that needs mentioning: Venus, Goddess of love and beauty, has just entered Gemini and is aligned with Alcyone, the alpha star of the Pleiades, the seat of the Goddess energy. The whole chart thus resonates with the feminine creative powers.