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The Magic of Strawberry Lemurian

The Power of Crystals, Spirit, and Love

Judy Hall - world famous karmic astrologer, past life specialist, and crystal expert, my master and hero - visited Budapest this May. Lélek TV (Spirit TV, an internet TV station broadcasting esoteric programmes) organized a festival for her, where a number of lecturers gave speeches on subjects related to the soul’s journey and spiritual development. It was immensely successful, 500 visitors turned up, and Judy also gave two full day seminars which everyone loved. I was her official guide and translator, but being a karmic astrologer myself, I was also invited to give a speech on the festival. As Judy was the guest of honour and the highlight of the event, she was, naturally, the last one on the program.

When we arrived on the scene, however, I realized that my appearance was being strategically placed between a Norwegian lady, Birgitta Thewlis (the founder of Access Consciousness), and Judy. I obviously got very nervous. The rest of the presenters were all Hungarian colleagues, astrologers and healers, but none of them is internationally renowned. Not only was I put in a situation where I had the disadvantage of inevitably being compared to two shining stars, I also had to carry the burden of responsibility to make the audience stay in the main auditorium so that it wouldn’t be half empty by the time Judy started her presentation on the Crystal Zodiac.

I freaked out, to say the least. I am a relatively successful astrologer, the author of four books and two DVD’s; I have been teaching astrology for 15 years, I do monthly Balsamic Moon meditations, and I am used to speaking to people - and yet, all of a sudden, I felt terrified. Andrea, the managing director of Spirit TV, gave me a shot of homemade palinka (strong homemade Hungarian spirit distilled of fruits), which she conveniently had on hand. It is named Fülei Gatyaszaggató (Hooch from Füle), and it completely lives up to the expectations suggested by the name. One sip cooled my jittery nerves nicely, but after a while its effects wore off and I didn’t want to drink more. When Judy noticed my nervousness, she pushed a large beautiful Strawberry Lemurian into my hands. “Here,” she said, “place it on your heart and see what happens”.


I sat down with the crystal, tightly clasping it, and closed my eyes. All of a sudden, power surged through me and I became filled with it. Every cell of my body began to sing, and the energy poured out into my aura. I felt strong and reassured. I hung on to the Strawberry Lemurian during my entire speech. I was bright, funny, my voice carried authority, and I miraculously remembered everything I wanted to say. The auditorium, which was actually half empty when I started, filled up completely by the time I was halfway through my presentation. Of course, the fact that my most devoted students were there also helped. I keep telling them that there is no use coming to such events since they must have heard my ideas a zillion times, but they showed up nevertheless. Their love enveloped me, giving me confidence and strength. I cannot tell how grateful I felt. After a very short break, Judy came to the stage and gave a brilliant presentation on the crystals linked to the Zodiacal signs.


The next day, when I came to her seminar on how to read the Akashic Record, I found the Strawberry Lemurian on my seat. “It’s yours”, Judy said. I could hardly thank her I was so moved by her generosity.

Now it is sitting on my desk, emanating its power whenever I write or work.

Zsuzsanna Griga