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Annunciation - the Energy Pattern of March 25

Today ‒ nine months before Christmas Day ‒ is the Christian festival of Annunciation, which is celebrating Mary’s pregnancy. We Hungarians call it the festival of “the Fruit-infusing Goddess”, which is linked to the flowering of the fruit trees and suggests a lot more ancient notion. In any case, it is a very feminine festival linked to conception, pregnancy, fruition, and a time span of nine months, taking us forward in time towards Christmas, which is practically the end of the civil year. Let’s look at today’s energy patterns to see what will ripen by then.

The Aries Sun is relatively unaspected, so the very few aspects that are there get special emphasis. It makes a semi-sextile to Neptune (the potential for clairvoyance), a semi-square to Venus (discomfort) and a separating trine to Black Moon Lilith (the Returning Goddess).

The Moon is in Capricorn, the sign of its detriment, and will ingress Aquarius at 11 PM GMT. In transcendental karmic delineations, we look at planets in detriment as carriers of the collective because they work best when used for others. In this case, the Capricorn Moon suggests service to the Earth Goddess, to motherhood, or to the nurturing principle.

The Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus cardinal T square is tightening, echoing the Grand Cross in April, telling us that drastic changes (Uranus in Aries) and fundamental transformation (Pluto in Capricorn) are inevitable and will be happening on a grand scale (Jupiter). Uranus is also exactly conjunct Juno, which hints at sudden shifts in alliances on the mundane level and changes in relationship patterns on the personal level.

The North Node in Libra (karmic intent) is sandwiched between Vesta (the focusing principle) and Ceres (the Nurturer). The two asteroids also represent feminine roles that were mutually exclusive in the past: the High Priestess and the Mother, despite the fact that nuns were often called “mother”. This placement tells us that in order to accept our destiny we need to embrace and incorporate both roles.

Mercury in Pisces is coming up to a conjunction with Astraea, the Karma breaker, and the two are trining Jupiter, suggesting that there is a blessing on any profound changes, but especially regarding old communication patterns.

Sedna in Tarus (creation through dissection) is still tightly opposite Saturn in (Lord of Karma), creating the perfect space time moment to make decisions regarding what to keep intact (Saturn) and what to shred into pieces (Sedna).

And retrograde Mars in Libra is coming up to an opposition with Eris in Aries, hinting at a very strong possibility of war, which can only be avoided if combative discord in the world is tackled by cool diplomacy.

The space time moment, which carries a lot of burdensome and disruptive patterns, will ripen by Christmas Day. It is up to us what we will make of it in the real world