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Stationary Saturn - Uranus Quincunx, and What Follows

Both Saturn and Uranus, father and son in Greek mythology, are stationary on July 21-22, which means that their archetype is greatly strengthened, while they form an exact quincunx at 16-17 degrees. This denotes a fateful moment in time. Uranus wants to change whatever Saturn is trying to keep intact, and the two seem to be locked in a battle. Black Moon Lilith in Leo is turning the placement into a fixed Engine with a fire trine to Uranus and a square to Saturn. This particular Engine is difficult because the fixed square is hard to utilize as driving force while the fire trine creates inspiration in vain, there is no air to feed it. What we see in the world is horrible conflicts, mothers and children brutally slaughtered, world leaders lying through their teeth, the mass media covering up and distorting the truth. As Caroline Myss has recently remarked, “Human actions are increasingly becoming the antithesis of instinctual choices that lean in favor of humanity. We are growing increasingly frightened instead of increasingly open, loving, and global. We are moving in the opposite direction of where an "advanced" society should be headed. We are imploding. We can feel the tension building in the collective atmosphere - even if we cannot name that tension.” This, unfortunately, describes perfectly the space-time moment.

In the next two weeks, the fixed Engine will stay in place and will in fact intensify because the square between Saturn and Black Moon Lilith (struggle between the old world order and the returning Goddess) will become tighter while the fire trine will be separating, providing more strife and less inspiration.

In the meanwhile, there is also a second Engine tightening at the same degrees (16-17).This one is made up with the same fixed square and Chiron in Pisces making a water trine to Saturn, infusing the space time with emotional pain and the potential to heal. These patterns will be intact for the next two weeks, and on August 1 fast moving Venus in Cancer will come up to the same degree, forming a water grand trine with Chiron and Saturn. This can go either way, bringing a lot of tears or some genuine relief, but on the 3th the Moon will enter Scorpio and will be conjunct Saturn the next day, once more intensifying the energy pattern. And around August 8-10 Mercury and the Sun will be coming up to a conjunction with Black Moon, providing both energy and insight, but it may actually act as even more fuel towards violence.

While I love Engines in natal charts because they can serve as brilliant vehicles of success, I don’t have a good feeling about these two interlinking ones because the joint platform is the Saturn ‒ Black Moon Lilith fixed square, the basic struggle between the powers that were and the Goddess. Don’t be fooled, the fight is about the feminine elements, water and earth (clean drinking water and fertile soil), which will become the most precious commodities in the upcoming years. Do what you can to preserve them, and concentrate on raising the vibration around you while joining your energy field with all the conscious souls ‒ this way we just may be able to beat the negative impact.