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Centaurs in Practice - Borasisi, the Centaur of Creative Shining and Super Ego

As a practising karmic astrologer, I am no longer surprised whenever a prominent transcendental celestial object in a natal chart appears quite markedly in the personality of its owner. I have been researching them for the last 15 years so I am perfectly aware what their task is. They are there to open up the horoscope, bringing the deep karmic layers to the surface; they explain the nature of karmic experiences and traits; and they form a bridge between past lives and the present. However, I still am amazed whenever someone is inexplicably drawn to an asteroid, a centaur, or a fixed star. He hears a name and becomes immediately interested. He instinctively feels that it carries meaning, but of course has no idea what or why. Sometimes the name itself doesn’t say anything at all; he hears it for the first time, and yet it captures and enthrals him.

This is exactly what happened yesterday, May 15. Zoli and I went to Gyor to give a talk on the Transcendental Objects of Faith. Zoli is a good friend and an ingenious director with blessed talents; he created all my DVD’s. He brought his camera to record my talk, but in the meanwhile he spent his time on his smartphone, sending emails and Facebook posts. Then, as I was talking about the centaur Borasisi, all of a sudden he looked up and started to pay attention.

In the evening, I saw his post on Facebook:

„Hahaha... In astrology, Borasisi is a centaur... a figure of Kurt Vonnegut, which has interesting knowledge!”

I quickly posted what should be known about its delineation:

„Borasisi is the central god of Bokononism, the religion depicted in Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. A Sun-like figure, he wants to create fiery offspring with his wife, Pabu (the Moon); but instead, he only manages cold, rocky children. He can’t stand them, so he throws them out, and they are circling around their terrible father, watching him from a safe distance.”

Zoli’s reaction:

„I think I have that one!”

He meant that Borasisi is most certainly prominent in his natal chart. At the moment, there are about fifteen hundred discovered centaurs, out of which 47 are actually named. According to transcendental delineations, they are prominent whenever they are either conjunct the personal planets and the angles, or form very tight aspects and configurations with them. Zoli instinctively felt that Borasisi is such a celestial object in his chart.

I took a look. And I flipped. Of course it was prominent at Cancer 5 degrees 41, on his ASC in the 12th house, forming a very tight square with his Sun...

Zoli tried to explaine the process later on:

„[During the talk] I suddenly looked up, and the name ‘Borasisi’ just emerged from the projected table... what a great name, I thought, it must be mine...”

Totally unknown to him before, and yet Borasisi simply captured Zoli’s attention; it sent him a personal message. Centaurs tell us about the nature of our karmic wounds. Borasisi symbolizes brilliance, creativity, light, and potency, or the lack of those concepts. His key note is: “I want to shine and to reign; I want to create my own world.” It is right behind Zoli’s ASC, and thus it may be delineated as his shadow; at the same time, it casts a tight square to his Sun, building ongoing conflicts in his ego development.

Why is this story relevant for the practising karmic astrologer? Because it serves as evidence that the soul remembers! It knows its own karmic past; it pays attention to the emerging signs; and it wants to solve the riddles of this incarnation. The transcendental celestial objects can greatly aid the process.


Zsuzsanna Griga

Karmic Astrologer