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The Third Uranus-Pluto Square

The cardinal square of Uranus and Pluto, which is the season’s most prominent aspect, will become exact for the third time today.  This square is responsible for prominent changes worldwide because renewal (Uranus) teams up with fundamental transformation (Pluto). The fact that it will become exact seven times indicates how important it is; and today’s space time moment is unique because it has a couple of tight conjunctions, which are all helping the transformation process.

The rising degree for London is aligned with Antares, the alpha star of Scorpio. This star is one of the most prominent ones in the sky because it is both a royal star of Persia (the Watcher of the West, denoting success through clear focusing if we can avoid excesses and stubborn or obsessive behaviour) and one of the four pillars of the Milky Way, the Path of the Gods. The Descendant is aligned with Aldebaran, the alpha star of Taurus, another royal star of Persia, the Watcher of the East, which brings success through integrity. Linked to the point of partnership, it emphasizes the need to keep our integrity at all cost while giving the same to our partner.

The original square is extended to a cardinal T Square by Vesta in Cancer, and thus the change and transformation is aided by the Focusing Principle. Uranus in Aries, the apex of the T Square, is conjunct Dark Moon Lilith, which makes it very clear that the changes can only be made with the aid of the banished Goddess, who must return and establish her reign so that the world can get rid of the patriarchal ˗ militant ˗ oppressive mechanisms of the present.

The other tight conjunctions of the space time moment are also quite interesting:

- Eris ˗ Hygeia in Aries (when everything seems to disintegrate, it’s time to find your inner equilibrium);

- Mars ˗ Sedna in Taurus (you only need to utilize the creative powers of your will, and all the obstacles will fall apart);

- Asteroid Lilith ˗ Pallas Athena in Taurus (consider thoroughly and cleverly when it is really convenient to revolt - and how...);

- Mercury ˗ Venus in Gemini (knowledge and harmony are equally important in order to achieve significant, meaningful transformation).

What’s more, the angles of the space time moment for London create a Mystic Rectangle, which suggests that making those changes won’t be so hard after all. At a first glance, it is usually quite tricky to create a proper balance between Me and You, the home base and the chosen profession, but now we are given a true blessing in order to find the proper balance. And by who? Well, the answer is hidden in the position of the two luminaries. The Sun, which is at the very last minutes of Taurus, is almost exactly aligned with Alcyone, the alpha star of the Pleiades, the home of the Goddess - She is truly returning. And the Moon in early Libra is the highest planet, illuminating the MC and exactly aligned with the Super Galactic Centre, the middle of the known Universe.

What else do we need?