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Sun - Aldebaran Alignment

May 31, 2013.

Today the Sun in Gemini is on Aldebaran, the alpha star of Taurus, which is also called the Black Sun by Freemasons. The Eye of the Bull is a royal star of Persia, the Watcher of the East. When prominent, it denotes perseverance, stamina, and success through keeping integrity. The Sun is also conjunct Hel, the asteroid of the Goddess of the Norse Underworld, telling us to visit the dark recesses of our own soul and search for hidden gifts there.

There is a huge stellium in Gemini with three tight conjunctions and further important fixed star alignments, all carrying a message from the Goddess.

  • Lilith conjunct Pallas Athena is on Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades, the home of the Goddess: remember that being receptive and feminine doesn’t mean you have to accept subjugation or abuse. Be proud of your own achievements.
  • Jupiter conjunct Venus: be aware of your immense creative powers; find love and luck in your life.
  • Black Moon Lilith conjunct Mercury on Betelgeuse and Polaris: understand the power of the feminine, bring down the knowledge of the Goddess, go beyond your normal experiences and be ready to jump dimensions.

Both Mercury and Venus are out of bounds (in extreme declinations), which means that they are beyond their normal sphere of earthly influence and are acting on a universal level. Deep insight, the ability to reconcile old karmic issues, the potential to create meaningful relationships is also at your disposal today. Use this energy pattern to your best benefits.