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Chiron’s Station

Chiron stationed at Pisces 13°50 on June 15, and whenever a moving celestial object does that we pay an added attention to it in transcendental karmic astrology. Stations occur either right before a planet turns retrograde or before it turns back direct. In such cases, it slows down so much that it seems to be standing in the sky, and the phenomenon is caused by an optical illusion due to two facts:

1, that the planets are orbiting around the Sun while we observe them from the Earth, and

2, that their orbit is elliptical but we cannot detect the curve of the ellipsis.

In transcendental karmic astrology, the impact of a stationary planet becomes extremely strong. After all, the very nature of the orbiting objects is constant movement, so whenever they seem to be stopping on their course they do something that is totally out of the ordinary. Most astrologers don’t delineate stationary planets; they simply say that it is turning retrograde or direct, which is a mistake, to say the least. Look what happened last November, during the US election, when there was a stationary Mercury but all the renowned astrologers wanted us to believe it was retrograde. They predicted that it will cause all kinds of confusions; some even said that we won’t have a definite result for weeks, and that the final verdict will be delivered by the Supreme Court only. Nothing such happened; in fact, Obama won a clear victory and Romney immediately acknowledged his defeat. Why did it happen like that? Because at the commencement of the election Mercury was not yet retrograde; it was still stationary, and stationary planets carry their strongest, most fundamental meaning, which in Mercury’s case denotes conscious, intelligent decision making mechanisms and clear speech.

So how should we delineate a stationary Chiron? In karmic astrology, Chiron describes the sum total of our karmic wounds. The sign placement depicts the energy pattern and the nature of the wounds; the house placement gives us the spheres of life where we accumulated them, while Chiron’s aspects to other planets add more information about the circumstances. A stationary Chiron denotes a strong awareness of all that, and the potential to become a karmic healer as a result; all the more so because we are usually not able to heal those wounds for ourselves; we can only heal once we try to heal others’ similar wounds.

The chart shows the exact moment when Chiron became stationary. The London chart has Leo rising with Transpluto (the potential to jump dimensions), with the Nodal axis conjunct the MC/IC axis in Taurus/Scorpio (utilize the knowledge of past incarnations in your future aspirations, but also accept your destiny by understanding your karmic roots). Venus in Cancer trines both Chiron and the North Node, forming a Water‒Earth Kite with them (“love hurts”, as Judy Hall says, especially old love may carry lots of wounds, but with this aspect you can also experience that love has very strong healing potentials). Since Venus is still out of bounds (in extreme declination), the healing energy comes from the celestial realms rather than the Earth plane. There is an exact water trine between Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, suggesting that we can, indeed, create our dreams in solid reality. Saturn is conjunct Siwa, the Norse love Goddess, and Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, two strong and independent women who also knew how to commit. The aspect is turned into a Water Grand Trine by the Sphinx‒Atlantis conjunction in Cancer, suggesting that uncovering ancient secrets can help the process.

The Sun in Gemini is exactly conjunct Dark Moon Lilith, the banished First Wife, who has been carrying Yahweh’s curse of the feminine ever since. With Chiron becoming stationary, however, that primeval wound can also start to heal, especially because Pluto, the Transformer, is forming an exact Quindecile (the aspect of obsession) with them, while the Sun is coming up to an exact conjunction with Jupiter as well (blessings and good fortune).

Trust the healing potentials of the Universal Powers; let go of old hurts that no longer serve you; transform yourself and create your dreams ‒ these are the messages of stationary Chiron.