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Jupiter Enters Cancer

It takes Jupiter 12 years to complete its orbit around the Sun, so it changes sing every year. The largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter is traditionally linked to luck, optimism, expansion, and abundance in astrology. However, it is wise remembering that it is equally responsible for “big things”, no matter whether good or bad. Upon its sign change, there is a decided energy shift detectable in the world; strong patterns creating abundance, excesses, or large scale devastation emerge. Cancer is the sign of family and home, cardinal emotions, honouring the past and traditions, so we may hope that all these values become relevant. The house that Jupiter is in a natal chart is considered to be the luckiest sphere of life. It doesn’t necessarily bring wealth, but since it provides optimism and confidence, it helps achieve comfortable means and abundance. Let’s see what its Cancer ingress promises to bring us this year.

Gemini is rising in the London chart, with Alcyone there, the alpha star of the Pleiades, home of the Goddess, which becomes significant when we observe the placements of the three astrological Liliths. The MC is at the very last degree of Capricorn, which means that the angles create a tight but dissociate (out of sign) Mystic Rectangle. This may cause very strange “energetic bumps” while we are trying to juggle with the cardinal life spheres because we will find strife where we hope for smooth decisions.

Jupiter falls in the 2nd house of resources with Black Moon Lilith and the Sun. The Black Moon symbolizes the returning Goddess, who receives both Jupiter’s blessing and the Sun’s illumination and strength. The other two Liliths are also prominent. The asteroid Lilith (the revolting First Wife) is conjunct Pallas Athena and Mars (it is worth fighting wisely for what is our due); at the same time, it squares Chiron in Pisces (emotional wounds may heal) and trines the Moon in Aquarius (especially when we do it intelligently and from the soul). Dark Moon Lilith in Leo (the acceptance of being cursed rather than live in Yahweh’s world) is conjunct Ceres, the asteroid of nurturing (the cursed Goddess is returning home, becoming the driving force of the Earth).

The Cancer Sun, which is very close to the tight Jupiter-Black Moon conjunction, illuminating them and giving them strength, forms an exact Water-earth Kite involving Saturn in Scorpio (transformation of fundamentals), Neptune in Pisces (achieving deep transcendence), and Hygeia in Taurus (creating a healing-nurturing environment). The configuration falls into the 1st, 6th, 10th, and 12th houses, linking the life path with everyday work, the future, and the secrets of the karmic past. The healing of Earth Mother (Taurus Hygeia) and the realization of our dreams (Saturn-Neptune trine) are being blessed and given energy (Sun-Jupiter); all we need to do is stay on our chosen path, keep working hard, trust in the future, and face the karmic issues that have so far been hidden from our conscious understanding.

Mercury stations at exactly this space time moment, seemingly stopping at its celestial course before turning retrograde. This placement in transcendental karmic astrology is highly important because the very nature of the planet in question is greatly strengthened when stationary (you can read more about the phenomenon here). In the case of the Cancer Mercury, communication and thinking become emotionally charged while keeping the ability to make sharp, intelligent, deliberate decisions ‒ especially since Vesta, the High Priestess and the focusing principle, is making a conjunction with it. It provides us with one of those rare moments when thinking and feeling are not mutually exclusive human faculties. This becomes relevant when we look at the cardinal T Square that Mercury and Vesta form with Astraea in Capricorn (fundamental karma breaking) and Eris in Aries (strong distress and discord), which indicate that the period will not be without conflicts. However, the T square receives a redeeming earth trine from Sedna in Taurus, denoting creation through dissection, suggesting that we need to accept the losses of the past and start working with the broken pieces in order to create a future that is truly ours.