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Venus Conjunct Ceres

Today (June 29, 2013) Venus, Goddess of love and beauty, is teaming up with Ceres, the nurturing principle in proud fiery Leo. These two archetypes represent mutually exclusive energy patterns in patriarchal societies, ever since the two sexual functions of the feminine (the pleasure giving and the reproductive sides) were dissected and hermetically separated. Today and tomorrow, however, they will unite, providing an opportunity to relive the complete, sacred feminine before fragmentation. Two asteroids join the conjunction: Academia, the venue for knowledge and wisdom (providing a sacred space for the union), and Hybris, the will and ability to revolt against the gods (which in this case means those of patriarchy).

The conjunction is squared by Saturn in Scorpio, indicating the fact that the representatives of old power structures resent the emergence of the ancient feminine, while Neptune in Pisces is quincunxing it, forming a powerful Fixed Engine. Engines are made of a trine (blessing), a square (energy), and a quincunx (karma); the three aspects create a configuration denoting drive, determination, sense of purpose, and deep hope of success. Saturn - Neptune aspects represent the “architects of the world” because they help dreams (Neptune) to be brought down into physical matter (Saturn), so this Engine may help fulfil the need to join the two dissected parts of the feminine, both universally and within your own self.

In the meanwhile, the Moon is leaving dreamy Pisces and is entering Aries, the sign of self assertion, starting to form a fire trine with the conjunction after 2 PM, energising it and adding another mothering principle to the picture. The Moon represents the spiritual essence in transcendental karmic astrology, so besides the traditional delineation of nurturing and subconscious needs, it is the very core of the incarnating soul. In Aries it denotes the will to come down into matter and accept a separate destiny. Fire is the element of transformation, purification, and conscious transcendence.

Today you can mend the dissected patterns in your life; ask for help, listen to your inner voice and embrace the necessary changes.