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Royal Baby

Prince George Alexander Louis

According to the official announcement, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby boy arrived at 16:24 on July 22, 2013 as the Sun was easing out of the last minutes of Cancer and the Moon was coming up to its full phase. I saw the comments of my colleagues, and a lot of interesting points have already been made. Everyone observed the two decisive configurations, the Water Grand Trine giving blessings and psychic insight, and the Cardinal T square providing strife and action. Another general point made was the fact that the energy pattern of the chart is pre-eminently feminine, with no planets in air, only one (Uranus) in fire, three in earth, and a whopping seven plus the ASC in water. The hemisphere emphasis of the chart is quite interesting. It is fairly balanced at a first glance (east: 5, west: 7, above the horizon: 7, below the horizon: 5). It is the personal planets that offset the balance completely, with four (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) falling in the third quadrant, the most vulnerable corner of the chart. Luckily, the Moon is in the first quadrant, the one that is the easiest to own and manage.

Based on the above, a lot of my colleagues asked the impertinent question: does this look like a king’s chart at all? By all means, the Royal Baby, whose name has been recently announced as George Alexander Louis, has an interesting chart that could belong to a prophet, a mystic, or a clairvoyant, and there are quite a few features that indicate he will come to power. On the other hand, he was born right before the Leo Full Moon, with the Sun in the very last seconds of Cancer (29°58). In transcendental karmic astrology, whenever the Sun falls between 29°30 and 0°30, it is a sure indicator that the incarnating soul was pushed into the physical body by its helpers or its own higher self, not entirely wanting to come down to the earth plane. In such cases, the Sun disc, which is 32 minutes of an arc in diameter, is halfway between the two sings. Prince George’s Sun was in the process of leaving moody-watery Cancer and entering proud-fiery Leo. I had a hunch that the birth will echo Prince William’s Sun, who has a similar placement (his Sun is on the Gemini-Cancer cusp), and I was right; both royal heirs seem to have been reluctant to incarnate. In William’s case, astrologers have long argued that he is Edward VIII’s reincarnation and wants to rectify the abdication. In the Royal Baby’s case, I heard postulations that he is Princess Diana’s reincarnation. Without an in-depth analysis, such claims are far-fetched, to say the least, but I can safely claim that the Edward-William connection is a lot more relevant than the Diana-George hypothesis, although there are admittedly a few interesting conjunctions. Nevertheless, the Sun-ASC-Moon trinity (Mind-Body-Soul) is in feminine signs, which suggests a predominance of feminine incarnations in the past.

Let’s see how the transcendental celestial objects enlarge and refine the basic picture of the main placements.

The Sun-Moon opposition, if interpreted from a psychological viewpoint, indicates the conscious mind (Sun) highlighting the subconscious (Moon) while the subconscious is also illuminating the hidden layers of consciousness. This usually brings thoughtful decision-making and a heightened awareness of life because nothing remains hidden. However, it may also denote strife or misunderstandings between the parents at an early age. The exact Moon phase is very late Gibbous (and not yet Full, as some have misinterpreted), which is the last among the “disciple” phases. A relatively passive phase, it signifies the soul’s intent to perfect what has so far been learned within the incarnation cycle. The Sun-Moon opposition highlights this function and turns it into a very conscious affair. The Sun is conjunct asteroid Themis (the Titaness of good counsel, the embodiment of divine law), which is not a bad placement for a future king. It is also in declinational parallel with Atlantis, denoting Atlantean knowledge. The Capricorn Moon is parallel Quaoar (the centaur of creation through music and dance), Deucalion (the centaur of survival and uniqueness), and Hestia (the asteroid of divine fire and sacred hearth). The three transcendental celestial objects describe a spiritual essence (the Moon) which yearns to be creative, is aware of being “chosen”, and wants to remain true to his heritage.

The Water Grand Trine, which is a very beneficial but somewhat lazy configuration, involves Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, and the Lilith-Jupiter-Mars conjunction in Cancer. If we only look at the traditional planets, we get the pattern of a conscious builder of dreams (Saturn-Neptune), who knows proper balance (Jupiter-Saturn), trusts his heritage (Jupiter-Neptune), and will actively participate in these processes (Mars). Black Moon Lilith, which has been conjunct Jupiter off and on in recent weeks, adds the Goddess energy to the picture. Mars, which is out of bounds and thus acts outside the Wheel of Karma, denoting the brilliant use of physical energies, is on the same declination with two fixed stars: Alcyone (the home of the Goddess) and Hamal (the warrior star), while Lilith is aligned with Arcturus, the alpha star of Bootes, denoting a different approach, unused methods, or unusual decisions. The Saturn corner of the configuration has only one additional transcendental object in the declinations, the centaur Rhadamanthus, denoting the ability to arrive at fair and thoughtful judgements, which is a prerequisite of a monarch. There are two asteroids conjunct Neptune: Ishtar (creative love) and Principia (a consistent approach to principles). There are also two fixed stars on Neptune: Deneb Adige (Alpha Cygnus, denoting shamanic powers), and Fomalhaut (the alpha star of the Southern Fish, is one of the Royal Stars of Persia, the Watcher of the South). Formalhaut is linked to mysticism, and success comes through achieving noble dreams; it is also the star of alchemy in transcendental delineations. Neptune in its own sign is already strong, but these two star placements greatly enforce its esoteric faculties. Asteroids Hekate and Agamemnon in Virgo cast oppositions to Neptune in Pisces, turning the Grand Trine into a Water-Earth Kite. Besides retaining the blessing of the trines, Kites are more utilisable in everyday terms than Grand Trines because they add tension (opposition) and potentials (sextile) to the lazy pattern of trines. The two asteroids have strikingly different meanings: Hekate is an ancient sacred feminine archetype, the all-knowing Dark Goddess, while Agamemnon represents the macho general, a solar-patriarchal male. They join their forces at the tension point of the Kite, in order to ground the psychic energies of the Water Grand Trine.

The Cardinal T square involves Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury in Cancer, and Uranus in Aries as the apex planet. Pluto is conjunct Bacchus (the asteroid of altered states of consciousness), and widely conjunct retrograde Icarus (indicating the potential to soar and the hubris of bold actions). Both asteroids accompanying the Lord of the Underworld, which is also the chart ruler, hint at potential dangers, while the stern grounding energy pattern of Capricorn balances those negative effects. Mercury in Cancer is on Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, which was considered to be the doorway to the afterlife by the Egyptians. Sirius is one of the four Pillars of the Sky, standing guard at the end of the Milky Way and conveying sacred energies. In transcendental karmic astrology, Sirius is the world where the incarnating soul can learn unique traits that will help them on the Earth plane. Since the Egyptians called it the Scorcher, Sirius is linked essentially to the element of fire. Its heliacal rising, however, signaled the flood of the Nile, so it has very strong connections to water as well. Fire and water, life and rebirth, the sacred and the mundane, and the conscious acceptance of incarnations are all linked to this great star. If we consider the fact that Prince George’s Sun placement indicates he was “pushed”, we can further elaborate that through Mercury-Sirius he may understand and accept why he is here. The fact that his Sun (which is halfway between Cancer and Leo) trines his ASC gives the same hint: if it were a purely water trine, it would simply mean a blessing on his chosen life path through conscious acceptance of his destiny. However, since the Sun is also in Leo, the Scorpio-Leo dichotomy indicates an underlying square energy pattern within the trine.

Uranus, the apex of the T square, is exactly conjunct Medusa (a very strong asteroid linked to the old Goddess energy), and Pythia (the priestess of Apollo’s shrine in Delphi, the voice of the oracles). These two feminine asteroids add the need for strength and clarity to the strain of the T square. Cardinal squares provide tension and drive, while a T square doubles the action, even though it represents a lopsided pattern. I always try to find transcendental objects that will turn a T square into a Grand Cross because then the energy flow becomes more balanced. In Prince George’s case, there are three asteroids at the potential fourth corner in Libra, creating a perfect Cardinal Grand Cross: Typhon (the centaur of strong elemental forces), Urania (knowledge of the skies), and Justicia (divine justice and balance). In the case of stressful configurations, it is always useful to find redeeming planets as well. In Prince George’s chart, Hygea in Taurus (the asteroid of health and sacred space) exactly trines Pluto and provides an outlet for the T Square. The two main configurations of the chart are linked by Mars, which is in opposition to Pluto, and thus the key issue seems to be how His Royal Highness will be able to exercise his will in the long run. As Mars is aided by two strong and prominent fixed stars (Alcyone and Hamal), there is a good chance he will manage nicely. Interestingly enough, Mars in Cancer is also the sexual charmer. It is quite early to talk about those facets, but a watery Mars in a man’s chart signifies a great lover, and the Mars-Jupiter conjunction is the sportsman, or even quite easily the champion.

There is also a tight double Karmic Cage in fixed signs involving the Nodal Axis in Taurus-Scorpio, Ceres (the nurturing principle) in Leo, and Juno (the First Lady) in Aquarius. It denotes old, embedded karma around the Mother and the Wife roles, which are clashing in George’s case. Indeed, this could hint at very prominent previous incarnations where the otherwise harmonious archetypes were at odds with each other. This could happen in a number of ways. In feminine lives (and the energy pattern of the chart suggests those were the majority), the soul may have been a wife who had to produce the heir at all cost, or who was accused of carrying a bastard. In masculine lives (which were a lot fewer), the same pattern may have been played out by the spouse. In any case, the karmic pattern was never redeemed (the Karmic Cage is in fixed signs), and the soul has carried it over into this incarnation to deal with it.

Besides those configurations, the angles are also revealing if we take the transcendental celestial objects into consideration. The ASC is parallel Diana (love of nature, animals, and forests), Tisiphone (one of the Furies, the avenger of murder), and Crantor (an interesting centaur denoting the issue of “being at the wrong place at the wrong time”). Adding these to the Scorpio ASC’s bad reputation of jealousy and vengefulness, the picture is not very bright. However, in my opinion, Crantor there further signifies the fact that Prince George was “pushed”, while the combined meanings of the two asteroids herald a monarch whose intention will be to save the Earth from pollution and environmental crimes. The MC denoting the future and aspirations, is at Virgo 20°36, conjunct asteroid Dionysus (altered states of consciousness). It is also parallel Logos (the centaur denoting creation through ideas), and asteroids Siva (the Destroyer of old, outdated patterns) and Prometheus (helper of mankind, “the one who knows before”). These placements suggest that Prince George’s aspiration will be linked to conscious purification, renewal, and betterment. On the IC (hidden karmic roots), there are asteroids Gaea (Mother Earth) and Osiris (death and rebirth) which is the first direct hint that Prince George could be a reincarnation of someone important in British history. I am planning to write an article on reincarnation links, the astrological connections that in my opinion indicate potential reincarnation cases, and will then present a few relevant pairs. I will also look at the William-Edward and Prince George-Princess Diana synastry. At this moment, I am merely taking into account what the transcendental celestial objects at key positions tell us about the Royal Baby.

The Nodal axis also has some revealing features and transcendental placements. The Taurus-Scorpio dichotomy suggests that there should be a withdrawal from the material aspects of life in order to move towards the spiritual. The South Node (karmic knowledge) is conjunct asteroids Amor (the triggering agent of romantic love) and Cruithne (the importance of roots, the very essence of historic Britain), while the North Node (karmic intent) is conjunct Psyche (the personification of the human soul as well as the object of romantic love). I find this fascinating because Prince George’s karmic axis is linked to one of the greatest love stories in mythology, while emphasizing the importance of his roots - be it family, historical, or royal. The North Node is on the 12th house cusp (Placidus), indicating that the karmic purpose is linked to hidden gifts, and its trine to Chiron denotes a strong healing potential. 

Astrologer Lynda Hill took note of the Sabian Symbol of the ASC, Scorpio 28: “the King of the fairies approaching their domain.” According to Lynda, “this Symbol shows the ability, or the need to feel at ease and in charge of your home, territory or domain,” and I think this message is the true indication that a true monarch was born.