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Grand Sextile? A Case Study of Configurations    

July 29, 2013.

Today is the big day: a rare celestial picture is being drawn to the sky, a Grand Sextile (or Merkaba, as it is called in transcendental karmic astrology). As the name suggests, it is made up of six sextiles, or two Grand Trines, linked to each other. However, if you look at today’s horoscope picture, you will see that it is by no means perfect. The Mercaba in question is made up of the Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces.

By definition, a configuration is a closed plane figure, which only occurs when its individual aspects are really tight (within 2 degrees). If any of the aspects have a wider orb, the corners won’t close and the energy will flow out of it as a result. To my taste, today’s Water‒Earth Grand Sextile is just that since Jupiter and Venus are at 8°, Pluto at almost 10°, while Neptune and Saturn are only at 5°. The Moon will come up to 5° Taurus at 15:30 BST, when the configuration is supposed to be formed. In any case, this particular Grand Sextile is definitely leaking energy at its Venus and Pluto corners, while the Jupiter corner is redeemed by Black Moon and Pallas Athena in Cancer. Luckily, the following asteroids and centaurs are at its leaky corners:

Orcus at Virgo 3°54 (hidden treasures)

Hekate at Virgo 6°58 (deep feminine knowledge)

Industria at Capricorn 5°46 (achievements through hard labour)

Thus the original meaning of fulfilled dreams (Saturn‒Neptune), controlled balance (Jupiter‒Saturn), and transformed love (Venus‒Pluto) becomes somewhat altered.

Interestingly, there is another potential Grand Sextile (or Merkaba) if we look a bit further, keep Venus and Pluto, leave Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune behind, and include Mars, Chiron and the Nodes. Chiron in Pisces and the nodal axis in Taurus‒Scorpio are at 13° while Mars is at 10° Cancer. Here again, the leaking corners are formed by Venus and Pluto, but at least Venus is a fast moving planet and will be coming up to exactness in two days. Let’s see if we find any transcendental celestial objects that make these two corners tighter, at the same time broadening the basic message of this second Merkaba of blessed potentials around karmic knowledge (the Nodes), love (Venus), energy (Mars), karmic healing (Chiron), and transformation (Pluto).

Hygeia, the asteroid of sacred space and healthy lifestyle, is at Taurus 11°19, warning us that we need to pay attention to how we achieve a balanced harmony in life. The Moon will join the Hygeia‒South Node conjunction tomorrow at dawn, adding spiritual strength to it. Mars in Cancer is conjunct Cyllarus, the centaur of material wealth and social status, and Kassandra, the asteroid of rejected oracles. In Virgo we find Circe (practical magic) at 12°39, and Achilles (vulnerability) at 13°11. Although they are too wide to conjunct Venus, they are at one of the exact spots where the Merkaba is leaking energy. The Scorpio corner of the configuration is quite tight with the North Node there, which is sandwiched between Ceto, the centaur of deep ‒ sometimes even toxic ‒ emotions, and Psyche, the asteroid denoting the soul essence and romantic love. The other somewhat wide position is that of Pluto’s in Capricorn, but Echeclus, the centaur describing dilemmas of truth and reality, is at 13°37, tightening the configuration. So after all, we do have a Grand Sextile, and the accompanying transcendental celestial objects provide a more fated flavor to the fundamental picture.

It is worth pointing out that there are tension points in the chart, energizing the lazy pattern of the Grand Sextile: Uranus in Aries squares the Mars‒Pluto opposition, while Juno, the First Lady, squares the nodal axis, turning it into a Fixed Karmic Cage. Today’s energy pattern is a blessed one, which can help us solve matters of partnership and transformation.