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Venus Enters Libra

Today Venus leaves Virgo and enters Libra, which, according to tradition, is one of its own sign. However, transcendental astrology, which looks at the karmic issues of the soul’s journey, renders other celestial objects to Libra to describe its astrological role. Since Libra is the only object on the Zodiac ‒ the rest are either animal, or human, or mythical figures ‒, the incarnating soul learns to be neutral, impassionate and reserved in this sign because those traits are necessary in order to form meaningful relationships and partnerships. Venus in Libra suggests a cool, calculated attitude. Entering the sign, however, is not such a great astrological occasion since Venus changes signs quite often. What makes this particular ingress interesting is the fact that for a few days the planet of love will become aligned with one of the three key celestial areas, the Super Galactic Centre.  The SGC is a giant supermassive black hole, the centre of the known Universe seen from the Earth. In transcendental karmic astrology, all three key celestial areas denote serious dilemmas; the impact of the SGC, which Philip Sedgewick calls “a supermassive hunger”, is linked to the feeling of “nothing is ever enough”. Aligned with Venus, the obvious delineation is a deep craving for love, sex, or objects that money can buy.

In the London chart for the exact space-time moment, the Sagittarius Moon is rising with Ras Alhague, the alpha star of Ophiuchus, the Celestial Healer. There is a tight fire grand trine involving the Moon, the Vesta-Sun-Ceres conjunction in Leo, and Eris in Ares: the Goddesses of the Hearth and the Grain embrace the Sun God so that old hurts and wounds are able to heal. There is also a tight Water-Earth Kite involving the Nodal Axis in Taurus-Scorpio (the dichotomy of tangible versus spiritual), the Jupiter-asteroid Lilith conjunction in Cancer (blessing on revolting against injustice), and Chiron in Pisces (profound healing potentials). The chart contains a cardinal T square with Jupiter-Lilith in Cancer, Astraea-Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries as its apex, giving the space-time moment energy, drive, and the ability to make big changes and profound transformation.    

There are a number of other prominent fixed star placements, which highlight further potentials. In transcendental karmic delineations, stars represent higher dimensional worlds where the soul may incarnate in order to gain special knowledge or faculties. Pluto is aligned with Facies, the nebula in Sagittarius, the Eye of the Archer. This is considered to be a negative star, but in transcendental astrology we always try to find a positive manifestation. In this sense, Facies represents endurance, precise actions, and firm self-discipline. Mercury is aligned with Dubhe, the alpha star of Ursa Major. This constellation is linked to the hunter-gatherers and Goddess worships, and Dubhe is a world where the soul learns the nurturing aspects of love.  Mars is on Pollux, the beta star of Gemini, which is the archetype of the suffering artist. While suffering is not a positive experience, it is often quite necessary when one wishes to follow the path of creative artists. Even if you believe in yourself and your abilities, you will have to prove it to the world, and the Mars-Pollox alignment may help you to accomplish that. The North Node is on Acrux, the alpha star of the Southern Cross, which symbolizes the soul’s acceptance of 3D incarnation and the needs of the physical body. This placement warns us not to look down on the physical realm. It is important to take very good care of our body and pay attention to earthly matters in general because that is one of our main tasks here on Earth. On the other hand, Neptune is aligned with Fomalhaut, the alpha star of the Southern Fish, which is one of the royal stars of Persia denoting mysticism. The space-time moment of Venus becoming aligned with the SGC is linked to healing potentials and helps create a balance between earthly and spiritual urges.