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New Moon Cardinal Grand Cross and Water-earth Merkaba

(October 4, 2013)

Today’s Libra New Moon completes a Cardinal Grand Cross involving

- Uranus - Medusa - Nemesis - Heracles in Aries (find fresh energies in your life by getting rid of clashing male/female patterns),

- Black Moon Lilith - Lachesis in Cancer (help the rebirth of the Goddess),

- Sun - Moon - Typhon - Circe in Libra (recharge yourself by creating balance of the earthy and the divine),

and Pluto in Capricorn (transform whatever is outdated).


Packed with tension and energy, Cardinal Grand Crosses are great for breaking out of difficult situations, and provide the necessary drive to change whatever is stalled in our life. This particular one is built on the Uranus-Pluto square, the most important aspect getting in and out of orb until March 2015, and is further energised with the emergence and driving force of the New Moon.

The Grand Cross is redeemed by yet another Water-earth Merkaba involving

- Hygeia - Requiem in Taurus (let go of outdated tangibles and create a sacred space),

- Black Moon Lilith - Lachesis in Cancer (help the returning Goddess find her territories),

- Vesta in Virgo (concentrate on simple everyday issues),

- Saturn - Deucalion - Ceto in Scorpio (let go of toxic emotions in order to regenerate),

- Pluto in Capricorn (transform old outdated structural patterns),

- and Chiron in Pisces (heal old wounds).

Looking at the numerology, today is a 4, which represents the earth plane, stability, hard work as well as enjoyment of everything that you can achieve in 3D reality. However, when adding up the complete date, we get 11, which is the master number of supernatural forces. So again, we see the same pattern: the presence of earth and heaven, the divine and the mundane, the wings of imagination and the security if earthy reality - just like the patterns and forces symbolized by this particular Cardinal Cross and the Water-earth Merkaba.