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 A Great Firework of Fixed Stars

October 16-17, 2013

Today and tomorrow we can find an exceptionally large number of prominent fixed stars. Those who refuse to work with the stars are losing the spheres above 3D physical realty. In transcendental karmic astrology, stars represent higher dimensional worlds where the soul incarnates after difficult lives in order to heal, to find strength, or to learn special traits.

On those two days, all the ruing celestial objects are aligned with important stars. Since the Moon travels 13 degrees a day on its celestial course, it covers a sign in two and a half days, during which it can touch more than one star. Today it is in Pisces, and tomorrow in Aries, making longitudinal alignments with three. Scheat (Alpha Pegasus), can bring healing from the deepest pains; Al Rischa (the Knot connecting the Pisces) is the unifying and balance-creating force; and Mirach (beta Andromeda) denotes feminine harmony and receptivity. The rest of the planets are a lot slower, so for a few days ‒ and even weeks in the case of the outer planets ‒ they will be aligned with the following stars:    

Sun ‒ Spica (the wheat in the hand of Virgo) ‒ Arcturus (Alpha Boötes): Pay attention to your own brilliant ideas and watch how the obstacles dissolve. You will find new ways and tools if you get attuned to these worlds consciously;

Mercury ‒ Zuben Elshamali (Beta Libra): Dare to choose unknown pathways and accept methods that are different from the well-known ones.  

Venus ‒ Antares (the heart of the Scorpion): Trust yourself, your unique potentials, your harmony- and money-creating abilities. Allow the cosmic codes of creation enter and alter you.

Mars ‒ Transpluto ‒ Regulus (the heart of the Lion): Rule your own will, pay attention to your actions, be generous to others, and achieve spiritual equilibrium.

Jupiter ‒ Castor (Alpha Gemini): Find happiness in your creativity. Conjure things that you can be proud of, and you will trigger the admiration of others.

Saturn ‒ Alphecca (Alpha Corona Borealis) ‒ Acrux (Apha Crux): Accept the burdens of 3D reality, honour the Goddess, and find contentment on the Earth plane.

Uranus ‒ Alderamin (Alpha Cepheus): You can become the very driving force behind your life if you can stay on top of the present changes in the world.  

Neptune ‒ Sadalmelek (Alpha Aquarius) ‒ Fomalhaut (the Southern Fish): Make the sacrifice that is necessary at the moment, and you will be amazed how it becomes a source of happiness and luck.

Pluto ‒ Facies (the eye of the Archer): Pay attention to the potentials through which you can transform your life.

Chiron ‒ Skat (Delta Aquarius): Believe in the power of healing.

While there are several thousand named fixed stars in the night sky, such days when all the ruling planets are tightly aligned with prominent ones are quite rare. Use the power of the higher spheres: heal, transform, and create.