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The Fourth Uranus - Pluto Square on Samhain

November 1, 2013.

Today we celebrate Samhain, which is linked to the Christian festival of All Saints, and which precedes the Day of the Dead, a Middle-European festival similar to Halloween. All of them mark the start of the darkest period in the Wheel of the Year, which will last until Yule. It is a period of darkness, great for turning inward and letting go, but full of pain, suffering, and even dread. Nature is dying around us, too, while we are holding on to our normal everyday chores when, as one of my dear friends often remarks, all sensible mammals hibernate. We like to fool ourselves that with the accessories of modern life we can do it, not wanting to admit how hard it is. The Scorpio Balsamic Moon is, in itself, a great occasion to look inside and let go of everything that is dead or dying, and the triple power of Samhain-All Saints-Day of the Dead can give us the necessary push, especially because this year these festivals have three added twists.

The first one is the fact that they all happen during the Balsamic Moon phase, the very Moon phase linked to Samhain and the Day of the Dead. It represents a time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. Dimension portals are opening up and magic is possible, even for those who are not practicing it every day. The second is the Uranus-Pluto square, which is the fourth in the series, the middle touch, becoming exact today. It started on June 24, 2012, and will continue until the seventh exact aspect on March 16, 2015, causing social upheavals, drastic changes, and fundamental transformation in its wake. The third is the upcoming Hybrid Solar Eclipse on November 3, with four planets and the North Node in Scorpio. I don’t think it is necessary to emphasize how powerful these astrological events surrounding Samhain are, so let’s concentrate on the Uranus-Pluto square.

The London chart has a number of planetary placements at the 8th -12th degrees, creating an interesting planetary picture:

* Uranus in Aries

* Hygeia-Amor-South Node in Taurus

* DESC in Gemini

* Asteroid Lilith in Leo

* Mars- Cruithne in Virgo

* Moon - Angel MC in Libra

* North Node - Karma - Sun - Mercury in Scorpio (with Saturn also close by, at 13°37)

* ASC - Persephone - Psyche - Regina in Sagittarius

* Pluto - Bacchus in Capricorn

* Juno - Diana in Aquarius, and

* Chiron in Pisces

These placements create all sorts of configurations. For example the ASC-DESC axis forms a mutable grand cross with the Mars-Chiron opposition, and there is a Cardinal T Square with Moon - Pluto - Uranus. There are also three tight Boomerangs. In transcendental karmic astrology, Boomerangs are perhaps the most karmic planetary configurations. Formed by a Yod (two quincunxes and a sextile) with a tight opposition to its apex planet, they describe very old embedded karma that may cause illnesses, stressful situations, anxieties, and usually trigger difficult decisions as well. There are three types, depending on their axes (the opposition): cardinal, fixed, or mutable. Using Judy Hall’s distinctions regarding squares, Boomerangs are different in nature according to their types. Cardinal Boomerangs denote issues that the native has chosen to definitely try and tackle in this life. Fixed Boomerangs describe very old, embedded patters, which have generally become illnesses by now or are visible as physical defects. Mutable Boomerangs are the easiest to solve because they involve a lot of change and have more than one outcome.

What struck me as interesting regarding today’s chart, after checking the tight asteroid and centaur placements on www.serennu.com, was the fact that the three Boomerangs that are forming are in each of the modalities, creating a very karmic moment. Astrologers all agree that the Uranus - Pluto square denotes a period in the world where everything undergoes drastic and fundamental changes. Old, outdated patterns (power structures, survival techniques, even stereotypes) are crashing and breaking into pieces, while the new ones are not yet emerging. We can be sure that eventually they will, but the period is very stressful, creating tons of pain and anxiety. Being the middle square of the series, today’s placements may tell us how the process is unfolding. Let’s look at the three Boomerangs and decipher their story.

The fixed Boomerang, which describes what the deeply embedded karmic issues are, is formed by Juno-Diana in Aquarius (committed relationships need to be renewed and the traditional “wife” role freed) opposed by Asteroid Lilith in Leo (old, patriarchal patterns can no longer trap the revolting feminine), Pluto-Bacchus in Capricorn (the transformation comes through enlightenment and higher states of consciousness), and Chiron in Pisces (karmic wounds accumulated throughout the Piscean age need to heal).

The cardinal Boomerang, which gives us the potential action plan, is formed by Moon-Angel in Libra (create a balance in your psyche with the help of the spiritual realms) opposed by Uranus in Aries (undergo the necessary changes actively), the North Node-Karma-Sun-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio (accept your karmic intent and your personal ego development by understanding fully what is your chosen destiny), and the Mars - Cruithne conjunction in Virgo (fight for your tribal roots and your nation).

The mutable Boomerang is formed by Mars - Cruithne in Virgo opposed by Chiron in Pisces, Moon - Angel in Libra, and Asteroid Lilith in Leo, describing how the accumulated karmic wounds are linked to forgotten tradition, the rejection of the sacral layers of history and the downgrading of spiritual values, and the desecrated and banished Goddess. It also gives us the potential to release the energy pattern: all we need to do is to get rid of the patriarchic structures, the mendacious liberal motto of “freedom, equality, brotherhood”, and go back to the ancient values of “faith, hope, love” instead.