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Stationary Chiron

November 18-20, 2013.

Chiron completes its long retrograde period and stops at 9 degrees Pisces before turning direct. Chiron denotes the sum total of our karmic wounds accumulated throughout the incarnations. It describes pain and suffering, but knowledge and wisdom as well. Today some of these wounds may resurface, and we may get a glimpse on how to heal them or let them go. Quite a few other planets and transcendental celestial objects are at the 9th and 10th degrees of the signs, creating a complex planetary picture with a Cardinal T Square involving Uranus (sudden change) and Theodora (a gift of the gods) in Aries; Achilles (vulnerability), Eros (creation through desire), and Aura (subtle energetic patterns) in Libra; and at its apex, there are Pluto (transformation), Zeus (masculine power), Pandora (hidden sorrows), and Arachne (excessive pride) in Capricorn. Venus was also there a few days ago, fusing the pattern with love, but it is already out of orb. The Cardinal T Square provides a pressing energy, which may help us achieve a lot. Changes are inevitable, but once we go through it we will definitely be able to realize their gifts. There may be further potential wounding, so it is important to pay attention to subtle things and the hints of deep urges. The masculine world order is rapidly coming to an end; it needs to be fundamentally transformed and the feminine revived.

The T square is redeemed by several transcendental celestial objects, which tell us how to work with its energy pattern. Chaldaea (ancient knowledge of the stars) in Virgo trines the earth corner, which is relevant because modern man keeps forgetting that the Earth plane has always been guided by star-lore: as above, so below. Orius (punishment for a serious crime mitigated) in Sagittarius trines the fire corner, warning us to trust the transformative potentials of fire. And Phaeton (cataclysmic events) in Aquarius trines the air corner, suggesting that intellectual cataclysms are to be expected, which will help the transformation process.

There is also a water trine involving Mercury and Sophia (wisdom) in Scorpio, and Chiron, Gaea (Mother Earth), Osiris (rebirth), and Hephaistos (the celestial smith creating beautiful objects) in Pisces. In a few days, retrograde Lachesis (the Goddes weaving the threads of destiny) in Cancer will complete them into an exact Water Grand Trine, providing an emotional blessing as well. By then, Chiron will turn direct, and we may focus on the aspects of healing from karmic wounds.