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Makemake and the Super Galactic Centre:

The Chance for Soul Retrieval


The SGC (M-87)

The Super Galactic Centre (Messier catalogue M-87), presently located at Libra 1°7’ in the Norma Cluster, is one of the three key celestial areas in transcendental karmic astrology. It is a mysterious superstructure of the Universe; not a fixed star, but an incredible whirlpool of cosmic materials. For an easier reference, consider first the fact that the Earth is part of the Solar System, which is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. However, our Milky Way Galaxy is a member of a much larger structure, which contains many tens of thousands of galaxies that cluster together to form a large, rotating, disc-shaped Super Galaxy. The centre of it occupies the astrological degree of Libra 1°. Incredibly dense and filled with numerous black holes (identified as “supermassive back holes” in astronomy), it practically comprises the very centre of the known and observable Universe as seen from the Earth. As Philip Sedgewick1 describes it, “this powerful black hole devours everything in sight,” and adds, “M-87 has the mass of 30 trillion Suns”, which is an impossibly large concentration of matter, energy, light, and power.

In transcendental karmic astrology, all key celestial areas represent karmic dilemmas. In order to understand what this is about, we need to revisit the issue of karma and karmic triggers as they apply in modern western karmic astrology2. Karma is a concept often misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misused. In Sanskrit, the word simply means “wheel” and describes the notion that anything done, or uttered, or even thought of, will shoot out, make a round trip in the fabric of the Universe, and come back to its originator. An action always warrants a reaction. It has, however, nothing to do with the old biblical notion of “an eye for an eye”; it is a lot simpler than that. Who is “watching” our deeds, you may ask? Some sort of divine authority? God with a stick, ready to spank you? The Karma Police? None of these, of course. As soon as an incarnation on Earth ends and the soul leaves the physical plane, it is usually lifted up into higher dimensions where it can assess what has been accomplished so far and can then plan the parameters of the next life. As Judy Hall often describes, this planning session, which occurs in the high vibrational interlife stage, is like a board meeting where everyone relevant is present and the life plans are reviewed. By then, the soul loses all traces of 3D reality; it has no physical senses, no nerve endings, nor human emotions. In other words, it is incapable of feeling pain as it used to “down here”. All it cares is how to evolve though the necessary changes. Thus it is the soul itself who judges the deeds and accomplishments of a previous life, and plans the next one accordingly. Actions shunned will become priorities; emotions avoided will be heavily revisited; and deeds undone will become a must. As a result, priorities will be very clearly laid out, and contacts (usually quite difficult or painful ones) will be forged upon the emerging necessities. But here is the good news: there is no compulsory karma. Karma needs to be understood, acknowledged, and it needs to be either resolved or dismissed. Karma accumulates when you feed it with energy; if you stop feeding it (that is, you cease to foment the hate, the pain, the guilt, or any other negative emotion), it usually dissolves by itself.

The second good news is that once you are incarnated, you may review your life plan (which is contained in the birth chart) from a 3D perspective, and you may alter it within the analogies of the design. This is precisely why astrology came into being in the first place: the Chaldean priests assessed the celestial phenomena and gave advice to the king how to utilise or circumvent them. There was no talk about divine providence or predestination - instead, the aim was to understand the signs and make the best of the situation. An interesting phenomenon occurs after difficult or heavily karmic lives. If it is warranted by the new life-plan, the soul will incarnate in one of the alternative realities represented by fixed stars. These are higher dimensional, non-corporeal worlds with special gifts, talents, and healing properties. The key celestial areas have a similar impact, and at the same time they are always linked to deep karmic dilemmas.

Philip Sedgewick writes extensively about the Super Galactic Centre (M-87) on his website, stating that it is linked to “supermassive” hunger, a very interesting concept if we consider it from a karmic viewpoint. It provides the native with the feeling that “nothing is ever enough”, which creates some sort of physical, emotional, or spiritual black hole. There is a very similar concept in karmic astrology: Judy Hall calls Venus-Pluto aspects “emotional black holes3”. Even the trine tends to manifest as a deep seated fear that love will run out and that fatal deprivation is inevitable. The Super Galactic Centre usually works first on the physical level and triggers desires to amass material possessions. This, however, quickly runs out and is transformed into either an emotional or a spiritual quest for more, and that is when the gifts of the SGC start to manifest. “Once integrated, those directly involved with Super Galactic Centre become directly involved as a central force of healing in the lives of unimaginable numbers of people,” Sedgewick remarks. I have been using these areas in my karmic readings and have also written about them (please see HERE). To quote myself, When the SGC is prominent, the native has the urge to excel, to pass a limit, or to reach for the stars. This inner need can be so strong that it consumes him unless fulfilled. At worst, it becomes a desperate, insatiable hunger, and at best, a profound driving force in life. The consumption of energy, power, knowledge, relationships, or material goods continues until finally the person realizes that no one and nothing can ever negate the empty void inside, nothing that exists on the physical plane can successfully fill it. Whatever the SGC sucks in like a giant vacuum cleaner is dissected and completely transmuted. The SGC acts like an alembic, a cosmic womb where base material is transmuted into gold. In case the SGC is prominent, the native usually has an exceptionally intense personality. It doesn’t matter where (which life sphere) it manifests, it completely dominates the life of the person connected to it.”

According to the law of precession, it takes 72 years for fixed stars to cover 1 zodiacal degree, which means they transit a sign for more than 2000 years. When they change signs, they alter the consciousness concepts that are linked to their general meanings. The key celestial areas behave in a similar way, and their impact is even greater. The Super Galactic Centre entered Libra in January 1933. Before that, it had been transiting in the astrological sign of Virgo for 2160 years, which period is obviously linked to the Christian concepts of service, acceptance, and humbleness. When the Libra ingress happened, there was a decided shift in the energy pattern and the central interest became the need to create balance, harmony, fairness, and objectivity. Looking at the date (post WWI and Great Depression, pre WWII) and especially considering what has happened ever since don’t exactly make us too successful, you may remark, but we are still at the very beginning of it all, and the urge is definitely there; we have a complete World Age to accomplish it all. At the time of the ingress, asteroids Niobe, Angel and Hera, and centaur Ixion were also at 0-1 degrees Libra, adding deep emotional pain (Niobe), the potential to communicate with the higher realms (Angel) the necessity of accepting the karmic wheel (Ixion), and a desire to bond in meaningful relationships (Hera). These transits were of course temporary, nevertheless they are important because they coloured the space time moment4.


Discovered on March 31, 2005, Makemake is an Outer Kupier Belt object with an orbital period of 309 years. Named after a creation and fertility god of the South Pacific island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), it is linked to UFO phenomena, space travel, and alien cultures, but most importantly it indicates soul fragmentation and the need to heal it. If prominent, it describes difficult past life events where soul loss occurred, and carries the potential to recover soul splinters and soul fragments. It is currently transiting at Libra 0°46, tightly aligned with the SGC. It moved into Libra on October 20, and it will be popping in and out of the sign, staying in late Virgo or early Libra all throughout 2014 and 2015.   


Makemake Aligned with the SGC

The alignment of Makemake with the SGC produces a once in a lifetime opportunity to do deep level soul-work because these two celestial bodies are very much related in themes. In transcendental karmic astrology, asteroids are linked to the personal karmic level; centaurs (TNOs, SDOs, etc., that is, Kuiper Belt objects) describe the nature of the karmic wounds; and fixed stars denote the higher dimensional alternative worlds where healing can be achieved. Since all three key celestial areas are more than just mere stars - they are enormous clusters of galaxies with supermassive black holes at their centre - they are even more relevant in eliminating or transforming karmic wounds. How is this possible? We must remember that black holes warp both time and space. Karma, as a linear cause and effect concept, only exists on the Earth plane; that is why it is so hard to get rid of it down here, and that’s why we need to enlist the power of fixed stars, galaxies, and black holes whenever we can.

As the main significator of soul loss and soul fragmentation, it is essential to understand and to heal these issues when Makemake is prominent in a natal chart. On the other hand, the supermassive black hole at the SGC represents a profound healing energy. As Philippe Sedgewick further elaborates, “This black hole asks that you perceive your own energy and fuse it with your physical-cellular structure. This is soul mating. The Super-Galactic Center maintains the greatest implication of soul retrieval of any point in the Universe. It demands that you get back in there and deal with yourself in an essential manner. It is essential that you do so. It is also unavoidable. It will happen. The only question is when?” Well, looking at the astrology, I can tell you that the when is right now.

I have been keeping an eye on the zodiacal degree of Libra 1°, not just because my Moon is conjunct it, but because recently I have done quite a few regressions and soul retrievals for clients and friends in whose charts either Makemake or the SGC feature very prominently, and it occurred to me to start watching it more closely to see what conjuncts it, so I did. Since the Super Galactic Centre is a major celestial phenomenon, I give it a larger orb than in the case of the fixed stars5 because I have repeatedly seen it work. A 2° orb is still going to yield important results, but the tighter the placement the more pressing the issue. Makemake’s ingress occurred in October, and it was accompanied by a number of asteroids: Achilles (fatal vulnerability), Hekate (deep feminine wisdom), Ceres (the nurturing principle), Eros (the divine creative force of physical desire), Hazard (the concept of taking risks), Vesta (the focusing principle), and Helio (brilliance). In November, it was conjunct Vesta, Tantalus (eternal punishment), Agamemnon (masculine pride), Ariadne (bliss), Memoria (remembrance), and Ceres. And in December, Mars joins it on the 7th to give the conjunction a kick full of energy and determination. For about a week, you can truly achieve soul retrieval and soul healing, especially if you are determined to do it and if you find the necessary helpers. It is also important to note that another slow orbiting centaur, Logos (creation through words and ideas), is also very close by. It has been transiting the final degrees of Virgo all year, but never actually reaching Libra, and it will be doing the same in 2014, finally entering Libra on October 14. Once it does, the compulsion to achieve soul retrieval will become very conscious and pronounced.

I will continue to watch the transits to the SGC-Makemake alignment and will keep you posted how the patterns shift, but it is important to remember that the portal will be staying open until the end of 2015.


  1. See: www.philipsedgwick.com.
  2. Modern western karmic astrology has no links to traditional Vedic astrology. Its greatest practitioner is Judy Hall, whose books and lectures give a clear picture of how karma is understood to be the residue accumulated throughout the incarnations.
  3. See her numerous books and seminars.
  4. Asteroids have a 4-5 year orbit in general, so they will remain within orb for about a week. In the case of Centaurs, their orbital periods depend on their position. Those in the Inner Kuiper Belt are faster (typically between 24 to 133 years) while those in the Outer Kuiper Belt are much slower (250-1000 years). At the time of the ingress in 1933, there were celestial objects at the other three cardinal points as well, which may help identify the nature of the shift:

    At Aries 0-1°: Amycus (decision-making potentials), Eris (drastically altered circumstances), Hylonome (loss and grieving); at Cancer 0-1°: Pandora (hidden or forbidden issues), Okyrhoe (the urge to hide unique faculties), and Makemake (fragmented soul particles); and at Capricorn 0-1°: Venus (physical love) and Cupido (the magical tool triggering physical love).

  5. I normally work with a 1° orb in the longitude, and ’20 minutes of an arc in the declinations, and I only     use conjunctions. Fixed stars are not on the Ecliptic, therefore all other aspects are out of the question.