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A Glimpse of the Winter Solstice Energy Patterns through the Transcendental Objects

December 21, 2013, at GMT 17:11

Today the Sun has ingressed Capricorn and thus we have reached the longest night - the symbolic pit of darkness. After that, however, light on Earth is going to slowly strengthen with each day. Meteorologically, cold and frost are just gathering strength, and we can be sure that we will be experiencing the brutality of continental winters only after now. Nevertheless, light will gather strength with each coming day and soon (well, at least in three months’ time…) we will be reaching the Spring Equinox, when the energy pattern will be again changing. Let’s see what the transcendental celestial objects are telling us about the space-time moment this year:

- The Sun is conjunct asteroids Educatio (the need to learn usable knowledge), Anubis (the darkest day this year is linked to taking a trip to the Underworld), and Justitia (whatever happens is karmic and justified);

- The Moon in Leo is conjunct TNO Sila Nunam (highlighting the dual power of given physical capacities and the ability to create through words);

- Mercury in Sagittarius is conjunct centaur Hylonome (deep grief, mourning, loss, and recovery through understanding it all), TNO Quaoar (creation through music and dance), asteroids Spirit (conscious spiritual awareness) and Gorgo (the strong and united feminine), and it is also on fixed star Aculeus (M 6 Scorpius, enduring attacks and becoming victorious);

- Stationary Venus in Capricorn is conjunct asteroid Icarus (the ability to be bold in what you love most);

- Jupiter in Cancer (which is rising in the London chart) is conjunct asteroid Hel (the necessity to realize that in order to prosper you need to travel the darkest recesses of the underworld);

- Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct asteroids Prometheus (clear foresight), Rhea (fertility), Sophia (wisdom), and Circe (magic);  

- Uranus in Aries is conjunct asteroid Medusa (the raging feminine wanting to transform);

- Pluto in Capricorn is conjunct asteroids Fanatica (deep and fundamental commitment) and Orpheus (the transformative power of music);

- The South Node in Taurus is conjunct Darius (letting go of the binding lures of the physical plane); and

- The North Node in Scorpio is conjunct Eros (creating a new world by utilizing the desire of spiritual values).

This energy pattern, which incorporates the Mars-Uranus-Pluto T square, a herald of next year’s major configuration, the cardinal Grand Cross, as well as the Jupiter-Saturn trine, will be in effect until the Vernal Equinox. It denotes both major fundamental changes and the necessity to achieve spiritual balance. The transcendental objects add a very strong feminine emphasis, the potential to exchange timid earthly goods for true spiritual values, and a need to consciously acknowledge it all.